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Leased Lines

Super Connected Cities Leased Line Price Reduction

Our leased lines pricing has now been reduced by up to 45%*!
Call our Sales Team on 01706 902100 to find out more.

Leased Lines and Ethernet provide your business with guaranteed symmetrical connectivity reinforced by a premium 100% availability Service Level Agreement honoured by Service Credits. Leased Lines are available over copper (EFM) or fibre (Ethernet) and offers bandwidths ranging from 1Mbps up to 1Gbps.

We have recently invested £3.5 million in the deployment of over 200 Ethernet Points of Presence (PoPs) which enables us to offer competitively priced business class connectivity covering the requirements of small offices through to large data centres.

They are an ideal solution for your business if you:

  • have several offices or buildings spread across a local area
  • require guaranteed Internet bandwidth
  • need to transfer large quantities of data quickly and reliably between sites for data backup and disaster recovery
  • are running costly older technologies, as Ethernet is scalable and can create cost savings
  • require a circuit that can be delivered in 20 working days

Our award-winning service provides 24/7 technical support, plus 4 hour onsite engineering response for equipment failures.

Call our Sales Team today on 01706 902 100 or send an enquiry.

Our Leased Lines solutions

Our Leased Line portfolio provides a range of options which cover the requirements of a small office using NGA Ethernet or Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM) through to Head Office/Data Centre connectivity using fully diverse, high capacity Fibre Ethernet circuits.  

We have now reduced our Leased Line prices by up to 45%*!  To get a quote or find out more, contact our sales team on 01706 902 100.

NGA Ethernet

Our NGA Ethernet service is our most cost effective Leased Line option for providing symmetrical bandwidth with a 100% SLA and 24/7 support, and as with all our Leased Line products a managed router with 4 hour onsite response and Assurance backup are provided as standard.

NGA Ethernet is more widely available than EFM and can be delivered in as little as 20 working days, bandwidths are provided from 2Mbps up to 10Mbps in increments of 2Mb, making it an ideal replacement for legacy SDSL and Partial Private Circuits.

NGA Ethernet is delivered through Next Generation Access technologies of Fibre to the Cabinet and Fibre to the Premises and reinforces our commitment to make large enterprise class services available to businesses of all sizes.

EFM (Ethernet in the First Mile)

EFM delivers guaranteed symmetrical bandwidth speeds between 1Mbps and 35Mbps using multiple copper pairs instead of fibre, this approach can result in 40% costs savings when compared to a fibre based Leased Line.

There is no compromise in the levels of service between EFM and fibre Leased Lines, the same 100% availability SLA backed by service credits applies. Due to the fact that EFM is delivered on multiple copper pairs there is an inherent level of resilience, if one of the copper pairs should become defective there will be a graceful degradation of bandwidth as opposed to a total loss of service.

Zen EFM Leased Lines are delivered within a 30 working days lead time making it an ideal solution when rapid deployments are required, our industry reputation for service excellence assures you the best customer experience during the process of order, installation and ongoing support.

Leased Lines

Zen Leased Lines provide ultimate scalability with bandwidth options from 1 Mbps up to 1Gbps on a single Fibre Access Circuit, this premium product can be provided up to 35Km between your office and the nearest network Point of Presence (PoP) with no degradation in bandwidth. Our Ethernet service covers over 90% of UK business premises using only best of breed components and suppliers to deliver optimum traffic performance.

When downtime is not an option, our teams can assist with specifying a fully resilient implementation using dual circuits along fully diverse paths. In such a scenario our included managed routers will be configured to handle automatic failover between circuits, as with all Zen Leased Lines our Network Operations Centre (NOC) will monitor your circuits 24/7.

A Leased Line provides the reassurance of a business grade solution for ensuring the flow of information in your organisation. We deploy fully managed, best of breed router equipment at your site which includes out of band management as standard via an assurance backup circuit.

Features and benefits of our Leased Line solution

  • Security - a Leased Line is dedicated to you and does not share capacity with other users, we can boost your network defences further with a state of the art managed Unified Threat Management firewall
  • Flexibility - adapt quickly to changing business needs by upgrading bandwidth at short notice, you can increase capacity as your business grows, only paying for the bandwidth you require
  • Reliability - our numerous industry awards reflect the dedication we apply to providing the best possible customer experience for all our services. We only supply products that have passed our stringent ‘fit for purpose’ testing
  • 24/7 Support - our industry leading technical support is available anytime to respond to your enquiries
  • 4 hour onsite support - in the event of a managed router fault, we will dispatch an engineer to swap out the defective hardware within 4 hours
  • Future Proof - our Leased Line products are inherently scalable and utilise the latest connectivity technologies, they are suitable for providing access to Internet based business applications or converged Voice, Data or Video solutions on a Private Line or IP VPN
  • Experience - we are one of the first UK ISPs and have been providing Leased Lines to businesses since 1997 with an uncompromising commitment to quality and service
  • Zen Network Investment - the Zen commitment to invest in the best technology and build our network capacity ahead of demand ensures the optimum performance of your traffic

Leased Line detailed information




1Mbps – 1Gbps 

Dedicated speeds for you to use and not shared with or slowed down by anyone else

Circuit Speeds

2Mbps, 10Mbps, 2-10Mbps (NGA Ethernet), 35Mbps (EFM), 100Mbps and 1Gbps

Business Needs

Internet  Access / VPN Access / Site to Site Connectivity

Lead Time

NGA Ethernet 20 working days / EFM 30 working days / Leased Lines 30-65 working days 

(Leased Line installation can be shorter where the necessary fibre infrastructure already exist)

No Usage Limits

Unlimited so you don’t have to worry about over usage and unexpected additional charges

Fully Managed Hardware Latest best of breed devices pre-configured and managed by us 24/7
Assurance Backup Provided as standard as part of all our business class connectivity solutions so we can effectively monitor and manage your service
24*7*365 Proactive Monitoring & Support Peace of mind and support from our experts anytime your business demands
100% Service Level Agreement 100% Annual uptime availability backed by Service Credits in the unlikely event that we fail to meet these targets
Daily Usage Statistics Emailed to you showing busy periods and to help with your capacity planning
Regular Account Consultation Regular contact from our Sales team to ensure your solution is fit for purpose and to help you plan for the future
Order Management Our dedicated provisioning team will keep you regularly informed on the progress of your order and deliver on time
IP Address Allocation and Registration No additional charges if you require multiple IP addresses

Call our Sales Team today on 01706 902 100 or send an enquiry.

*The up to 45% price reduction on leased lines is based on Zen’s previous selling price for a 100Mbps leased line.

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